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It’s hard to watch your kids suffer, to miss work, or to realize what you’ve been doing isn’t helping. You need more natural options, but you’re just too busy to do the research. My job is to equip you with the most pure and effective essential oils on earth, and teach you to use them. You can take charge of your health, learning at your speed. You don’t have to be held captive by helplessness anymore. Break free. Let me teach you how to save the day.

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Danielle has been a true essential oil guide to me for several years. She has answered my questions, shared oil recipes, and has always been encouraging. I have never felt any pressure to buy anything. She has never discouraged me from health methods I like that are not oil-based. I feel that Danielle always has my back!
— Robin W., SC


3 Step Plan to Wellness

1. Choose an essential oils kit to get started.

2. Schedule a consultation to create a 90-day wellness plan for you.

3. Join our online community for support.

About Me


I'm the Barefoot Gardener.  I used to deal with back and neck discomfort that kept me from sleeping. I was irritable with my kids, my hormones were out of balance, and because of low energy I was missing out on life. 

I was also skeptical that essential oils could really help me. I mean, it’s a psychosomatic response, right?

But when I finally used a digestive blend on my kids when the tummy bug attacked our home, I went from skeptic to believer. Today, my oils and supplements have given me my life back. And I no longer feel helpless.

Now I lead a community of people who are helping others get their lives back and create financial freedom. If you or someone you know is interested in joining us, let me know and we'll set up a time to chat.